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The Dtec World
The Dtec World ecosystem
consists of three primary pillars.
Dtec Assistant (Dtec A)This is a software component that can be installed on the operating system of any type of vehicle or smart platform. It enables communication with the vehicle, control of vehicle equipment and remote IoT devices, and assists the user with advanced features. Additionally, it allows the use of cryptocurrency token rewards. Dtec A utilizes high artificial intelligence technology with a blockchain-based component.
Dtec BIt is Dtec's artificial intelligence technology (DtecB). It utilizes several sources of data, including voice and visual data from drivers and their surroundings collected by DtecA device, data from IoT devices it communicates with and controls, and other artificial intelligence and blockchainbased projects. DtecB synthesizes this data that comes from autonomous agents using proprietary algorithms, learns and presents it publicly or only for its own users.
Dtec TokenThe DTEC token will be used as an incentive for DtecA users to share their data, which will accelerate the development of Dtec's AI technology (DtecB) and the Dtec will be securely transferred to the Dtec network using the most advanced cryptography technology without identification. It will then get processed so they can learn from this data. Users will be able to opt out of sharing their data if they have privacy and security concerns.
Total amount of tokens is 450,000,000Dtec's vision is to build a comprehensive digital ecosystem that aims to capture a significant portion of the automobile market. Its mission is to
-Enable all hardware and IoT devices to be commanded while driving through the Dtec app that is a single voice-operated software platform,
-Create a service that learns the driver's habits and provides solutions and assistance on its own,
-Create a continuous ecosystem by combining continuously developing and learning artificial intelligence service with blockchain technology.
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